Enjoy Tuesday! Big changes coming (again) mid-to-late week

Another storm will bring a mixed bag of precipitation to parts of the area late Thursday into Thursday night

What we're tracking from 2/10 to 2/12/2021

ROANOKE, Va. – Let’s start you out with some good news this Tuesday morning. While we might not see as much sun as we did Monday, temperatures during the afternoon will likely reach the low to mid 50s.

Zone forecast for Tuesday afternoon, 2/9/2021

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While we’re at it, let’s keep it up with some more good news (for most of you). The sun officially sets at 6 p.m. one week from Tuesday!

Sunset tracker for Tuesday, 2/9/2021

Now, if we could break out of this repetitive and messy wintry pattern, that would be helpful too.

However, we’re not out of the woods just yet. Come Wednesday night, we’ll be tracking a temperature boundary that will be enough to produce light snow/a wintry mix near and north of I-64. Those farther south will mainly just see a chilly drizzle/light rain.

FutureTracker - overnight Wednesday into early Thursday morning

As moisture continues to ride in with a developing storm system, cold air slowly wedges itself up against the Appalachian Mountains late Thursday into Thursday night.

What we're tracking - Thursday evening, 2/11/2021

The exact temperature both here at the surface and thousands of feet up is key to what type of precipitation type you see.

Precipitation types based on air temperature

Early forecast data continues to keep the bulk of cold air (from top to bottom) pinned north of here. So from Bath and Highland Counties to the north, we expect more snow than others.

The farther south you go is where things get trickier and potentially messier, as we’ll have a layer of warm air above us moving north as cold air at the surface moves south. This sets us up with rain, freezing rain and possibly sleet Thursday evening through early Friday morning.

Expected precipitation types Thursday evening into Friday morning

Please keep checking back for updates on the forecast. These sorts of forecasts are highly sensitive to the exact temperature at ground level and above. As we continue to analyze that, we’ll be able to put more detail into totals and impacts.

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