Spring-like stretch resumes before a mid-month shift in weather pattern

Temperatures reach into the 60s for most of the area Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon

High temperature forecast for Sunday, 3/5/2023

ROANOKE, Va. – Following a calm, clear and chilly morning, Sunday afternoon’s temperatures reach into the 60s.

A repeat performance can be expected Monday afternoon, putting our afternoon temperatures 10-15° above average for early March.

Afternoon temperatures to be 10-15° above average through Monday and Tuesday afternoons

We’ll be windy at times Tuesday, resulting in slightly cooler afternoon air.

Colder air catches up each morning Wednesday and Thursday. With a clear sky and calm wind, temperatures will drop to near freezing - resulting in frost.

Frost/freeze potential from 3/8 to 3/10/2023

The average last freeze doesn’t happen until mid-to-late April around here. Despite the fact that we’ve had a very warm winter, it’s best to hold off on planting until then (if not after that point).

A storm system late in the week brings an increased chance of rain Friday and Saturday. However, some higher elevations may see a wintry mix develop depending on the storm’s timing and/or location.

Storm system to track between 3/10 and 3/11/2023

Once this passes, a bigger pattern shift occurs. This results in colder-than-average weather for the middle of the month, thus reiterating the point made a few sentences ago.

Pattern shifts toward colder-than-average weather mid-month

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