Cooler but calm, dry to start the week

Temperatures recover quickly with so much sunshine

Showers on Monday are few and far between

ROANOKE, Va. – Between rain on Friday and high winds Saturday we could use a few calm days. Thankfully this week provides: we stay calm and mostly dry from Sunday through Tuesday.

Temperatures are rather consistent through the afternoon

Temperatures are noticeably cooler behind last week’s front: most highs are 15 degrees cooler than Saturday. Since we built up so much heat before the front Sunday is still above average.

Temperatures are above average most of this week

Our warm up continues both Monday and Tuesday with just a few showers in the way.

Clouds build on our southern edge Monday afternoon

Monday afternoon brings a few extra clouds along our southern border. Some spotty showers can form, but if you need to get outside most of the day is nice and dry.

Temperatures improve quickly thanks to the sunny skies

Highs recover quickly: by Tuesday some of us reach 80. Even as the next cold front moves in this warm up helps temperatures late in the week.

Storm potential is high this week in the same spots it affected last week

The next storms system develops Tuesday sending storms to already hard-hit areas of the country. That front means showers for us without a high chance of severe weather.

This week's cold front means Wednesday showers and Thursday morning rain

Wednesday sees afternoon showers and some flashes of lightning. The cold front keeps Thursday morning rainy with a drier but overcast afternoon.

Warm air carrying moisture from the south keeps us cloudy to end the week

A warm front from our south keeps pumping moisture into our region. Showers are light, but the clouds are consistent.

With no wind or rain pollen can spread easily

One downside of the lack of rain and wind is the pollen count. Pollen spreads easily in the first half of the week so be sure to prepare if you plan to spend any time enjoying the comfortable weather.

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