Showers and even some storms before Mother’s Day

Sunday itself is nice and mostly dry

Cold air from the north fights the warm front and keeps us cloudy

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday stays cloudy throughout, but showers are more common in the later half of the day. Wet weather takes a short break Sunday before some storms develop on Monday.

Showers are light but spread out through the late morning

Showers stay light through the morning with the greatest rainfall rates in the Highlands. After lunchtime showers spread out bringing most of us at least some moisture. The rain is light enough that you can drive most anywhere you’re headed.

Showers cover even more ground in the mid-afternoon

Energy builds up as the system moves to the south. Some downpours and even non-severe storms can develop in the late afternoon or early evening. The best chance for strong showers is in the eastern counties of Southside.

Heavy downpours and even some lightning can build in the early eveningv

Storms with any strength stay well to our west today. If you’re flying through St. Louis or Dallas there could be some delays thanks to a large system in the middle of the country.

Storms are concentrated well to our west on Saturday

Rain totals are highest in Southside and Lynchburg. Rain more than half an inch is possible. Further west rain totals drop off consistently with some spots in the NRV seeing very little.

Rain totals are highest in Campbell and Charlotte Counties

Winds stay calm through the afternoon. Even when the showers are at their heaviest it’s hard to find gusts above 15 mph. If you forget the trash can outside today it’s unlikely to blow away as the rain comes.

Winds are rather light even as showers strengthen

Saturday is the start of a soggy stretch that lasts into early next week. Sunday’s showers are very light and isolated (just in time for Mother’s Day!) but Monday brings a chance of storms.

Monday has fewer showers than Saturday but is the best chance for storms

A cold front approaches from the west Sunday night giving energy to the showers that start late in the day. Most storms form early on Monday with dry conditions in the afternoon.

A cold front drives showers Sunday night with storm chances early Monday

Our storm chances are rather minimal Monday. The greatest chance for storms is well to our south in Georgia, and even then it stays at Level 1.

Even our stormiest day keeps us out of the main risk

The biggest change on Monday comes as temperatures. Highs are stuck around 70 thanks to morning clouds preventing us from warming normally. Temperatures rebound nicely on Tuesday.

Clouds keep Monday cooler than either day surrounding it

We stay dry and comfortable through much of the week ahead. Highs are still close to 80 with a mix of sun and clouds.

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