Saturday showers give way to a comfortable stretch

Temperatures stay consistent well into next week

ROANOKE, Va. – Good news upfront: none of our days ahead are nearly as stormy as we were earlier in the week. Friday’s showers are very limited with most of us staying dry. Saturday is more soggy, but storms stay below a severe threshold.

Friday's showers are very limited

Saturday starts off dry. The incoming cold front drives showers around lunchtime, but peak rainfall comes between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Showers are most prominent from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Showers start on western slopes and spread east consistently through the afternoon. Heavier rain takes time to develop leaving the Highlands and NRV with the lowest rain totals.

Showers come to our western edge by noon

The cold front passes through in the mid-afternoon. The front itself helps lift storms into the air over the next few hours.

Saturday's cold front drives a consistent line of showers

Isolated downpours and some rumbles of thunder are the most intense features we notice with this system. Storms are most prevalent south of US-460.

Isolated storms are most likely at 4:00 PM

By 9:00 PM there are few showers left. We spend most of the night dry and calm.

After sunset showers are rare

Some spots in the NRV get more than a quarter-inch of rain, but the heaviest rain totals are likely to be closer to Bedford and Smith Mountain Lake.

Rain totals mostly stay under half an inch

Warm air comes in just ahead of the cold front keeping Saturday’s temperatures a few degrees warmer than Friday’s.

Highs climb on Saturday despite our next cold front

We hold on to the heat we gain through the week ahead. The cold front has a minimal impact on temperatures which helps us stay close to average.

Temperatures are remarkably consistent through next week

Showers are rare over the week ahead, and even looking towards the end of the month most of the region stays dry.

The end of the month stays on the dry side

That drier air helps keep our storm chances low for a few days even though we are in the stormy stretch of the year.

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