Two confirmed tornadoes from Tuesday’s storms

Both touched down just west of our region

NWS Survey teams established two confirmed tornadoes just to our west

ROANOKE, Va. – Plenty of severe thunderstorms trucked through our counties Tuesday with a few tornado warnings thrown in. National Weather Service survey teams did not confirm those were tornadoes, but just to our west two separate tornadoes did touch down.

This storm ended just before crossing Highway 23

Scott County’s storm was the shorter of the two with a path just over half a mile long. In that space the storm uprooted some trees before it died out.

The path of this storm stayed just north of Old Ridge Road

The Lee County storm was twice as long and also uprooted trees. This tornado cut a wider path as it moved north of Old Ridge Road.

We’re in the beginning of the time of year with most of our severe storms. Read this article about staying safe through the season.

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