Comfortable stretch of weather continues ahead of weekend rain

Rain chances are increasing heading into the holiday weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – High pressure camped out over the Eastern U.S. will help to suppress most rain, while also keeping muggy air farther south too.

While we won’t see full-on sunshine, we’ll at least be comfortable the next several days. High temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday reach into the 70s, which is pretty much par for the course in mid-to-late May.

High temperature forecast through Wednesday, 5/24/2023

Nighttime lows continue to drop into the 50s due to the lack of moisture around.

Come Thursday, a little bit of rising air up the mountains could squeeze out any limited moisture in the form of isolated downpours. This would mainly be during the afternoon and evening hours.

Tracking mountain downpours Thursday afternoon

Friday is dry, which is (in a way) ironic because it’s the day that’s accounted for nearly 40% of our rain in 2023.

That said, a storm system stalling out over the East Coast will likely supply us with periods of rain Saturday and Sunday. This system is cut off from the rest of the air pattern, meaning it is subject to little wobbles.

Memorial Day weekend weather pattern

While we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ll be a little drier Memorial Day, don’t take it to the bank just yet.

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