A few hours dry but a mostly rainy weekend

Once showers arrive they stick around well into next week

Showers spread north and west after 2:00 PM

ROANOKE, Va. – Let’s get right to the important piece: rain moves in after 2:00 PM and keeps falling through Monday. Flooding is a concern with how much rain is coming, but since the event is spread over three days that helps mitigate some risk.

Once rain moves in it takes quite some time to wrap up

The Highlands stay dry until rain reaches them overnight. Once showers spread that far north most of us see consistent rain.

Showers stay light through Saturday. They pick up some Sunday morning, but rain is lighter in the afternoon.

Rainfall intensity picks up slightly on Sunday morning

Showers are lighter Sunday afternoon than they are at sunrise. The clouds and rain restrict temperatures to the 60s for most highs.

Most of us stay drizzly through Sunday afternoon

Monday morning sends anther round of higher rainfall rates our way. After noon on Monday the showers ease off and stay light until the system is done.

Moderate rainfall is likely to the south early on Monday

The rain totals through the entire holiday weekend reach from one to three inches in most towns south of US-460. North of the highway most totals are under an inch.

Rain totals are highest in the NRV and southern edge of the Roanoke zone

Storms are not likely with this system. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we are outside of the Level 1 storm risk.

Severe storms concentrate well to our west

If you’re flying through Denver or Dallas be sure to stay patient. Storms are more likely there through the weekend, but Monday looks the calmest day ahead.

Monday keeps us out of severe risks just like Sunday

The consistent rain means flooding is our greatest severe risk. Sunday morning has the greatest flash flood risk. Stay smart if you’re doing any driving this weekend: don’t drive through water if you can’t see the road.

Some thunder rumbles around Sunday afternoon, but well-developed storms are unlikely.

Flooding is the main severe risk this holiday weekend

If you’re spending time outside on Saturday while it’s dry there is still a breeze in the air. Wind gusts stay around 20 mph this afternoon. Winds are calmer as the rain comes in.

Wind gusts to 20 mph are common through Saturday

The rain has two very noticeable benefits: dry counties in the north and east get some much needed rain, and pollen levels are restricted. Enjoy the lower pollen count before June sends it climbing right back up.

Rain prevents pollen from spreading early next week

Once the rain ends temperatures start warming to and above average. We stay well above average as we start next month, but with drier than average skies storms are not on the horizon in the short term.

Chief Meteorologist Jeff Haniewich lets you know how long the rain will stick around this holiday weekend.

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Chief Meteorologist Jeff Haniewich is an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Broadcaster, forecasting weather conditions in southwest Virginia on WSLS 10 News at 5, 5:30, 6 and 11 p.m. every weekday.

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