Looking back: One year since Bedford County tornado

Last year’s storm damaged homes and injured two people

Looking back at the anniversary of an intense storm

ROANOKE, Va. – This morning a year ago a strong tornado tracked through parts of Goode and Norwood in Bedford County. The storm snapped trees and damaged homes over the six mile track from south to north.

The Bedford County tornado is one of the strongest in our area in the last few years

Two people were injured, but the National Weather Service reports no deaths associated with the storm. The tornado’s damage represents wind speeds consistent with an EF-2 level tornado. Winds at their peak were as high as 135 mph.

Winds from an EF-2 tornado are strong enough to destroy mobile homes and uproot strong trees

Another tornado developed in Charlotte County. This storm traveled over a much shorter distance: the track was less than 320 feet. In that short distance it still had enough strength to break and uproot trees, smash glass, and take down power lines.

The Charlotte County tornado had a much shorter track but still uprooted trees

Stronger tornadoes here are rare but not impossible. Earlier this year an EF-3 tornado hit Virginia Beach, and in 2016 an EF-3 struck Appomattox. Those higher wind speeds caused even more intense damage than the Bedford County storm last year.

The Bedford Co. tornado damage represented and EF-2, but EF-3s are certainly possible in Virginia

Duke Carter visited Goode to hear firsthand from the residents about how things have changed in the last year. You can find his story here.

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