Afternoon storms give way to a calm week

Storms are hard to find after Saturday

Storms have the best chance of forming between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday’s cold front sweeps in from the northeast and keeps our afternoon soggy. The severe threat is low, but storms are possible in the late afternoon.

Our cold front moves in from the northeast and pushes showers southwest

Showers start in the middle of the day but it takes a few hours for them to turn into storms. The best chance for storms is between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Showers linger into the evening

Showers begin on western slopes Saturday afternoon. Clouds are hard to come by for most of us at this point let alone showers.

Showers develop on western slopes in the early afternoon

By 4:00 PM showers spread through the northern counties. Some isolated downpours develop with a few storms.

Even by 4:00 PM some southern counties are dry

Storm chances continue with moderate to heavy rain in some of our central counties.

Storms are most likely in the Roanoke and Lynchburg zones

By 9:00 PM storms are easing off. There is some consistent rain in our southernmost counties, but even those showers wrap up by midnight.

Showers last through 9:00 PM, but by then it's hard for storms to develop

Showers are at their widest spread in the middle of the afternoon. Once this system moves through there are lots of dry days ahead.

If you need to spend some time outside most of us stay dry until after 2:00 PM

Our region stays in a Level 1 risk for storms through Saturday. The main threats are lightning and some high wind gusts. Isolated flooding can’t be ruled out, but the chances are low.

Most of our region is in a Level 1 risk Saturday

Rain totals are highest in Henry and Pittsylvania counties where some totals can reach half an inch.

Rain totals are highest on the western edge of Southside

While this cold front stays on the small side compared to some summer fronts it still has enough power to change our temperatures quite a bit. Highs drop from the mid-to-upper 80s on Saturday into the mid-70s by Sunday.

The cold front drops high temperatures by about 15 degrees

This front pushes south of us and keeps our weather quiet most of the week. The same can’t be said for Cuba as now Tropical Storm Arlene pushes south and east bringing rainfall into the western edge of the Greater Antilles by midnight.

Arlene keeps well to our south this weekend

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