Where’d summer go?! Sunday to be much cooler than Saturday

A northeast wind keeps things cloudy and much cooler Sunday compared to Saturday

Big drop in temperature from Saturday to Sunday

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday felt, looked and sounded like summer due to the combination of heat and storms.

Check out this picture from Ethan in Dublin of the hail that fell during one of the stronger cells.

Ethan Jones

Hail in Dublin

We won’t see many - if any - storms Sunday, thanks to the fact that we’ll be much cooler. This is thanks to the infamous wedge, a northeast breeze that will bank cooler air and clouds against the mountains.

What the wedge means for our forecast Sunday

While highs struggle to hit the 70° mark Sunday, we’ll turn warmer and brighter Monday afternoon.

High temperature forecast through Monday, 6/5/2023

Tuesday will be pleasant as well. Come Wednesday, a weak front moves in, but it won’t have much moisture with it.

Weak front to move through the area mid-week

It will, however, bring temperatures down just a touch through Friday morning.

A lot of that has to do with a slight drop in humidity levels.

Humidity levels drop a little bit more mid-to-late week

Expect mornings this week to be comfortably cool (in the 40s/50s) and afternoons to be comfortably warm (70s/lower 80s).

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