Sprinkles dot otherwise calm days

By this weekend showers dry out

ROANOKE, Va. – Soggy weather is nowhere to be seen this week. Skies are a mix of sun and clouds during the work week with only a few showers. High pressure takes over next week and keeps even more sun in our forecast.

Temperatures rise noticeably by Friday with consistent highs through the weekend

Afternoons are close to 70 on Thursday with more highs squarely in the 70s from this weekend into the middle of next week.

This next week of fall keeps calm weather in our forecast

Showers are limited to the Highlands on Thursday. Rain totals are less than impressive, but this will technically be one of the wetter days out of the next seven.

Showers are very limited on Thursday

Showers can spread a little more on Friday, but rain totals are even lower than on Thursday.

Showers are slightly more widespread on Friday

Humidity is manageable through the weekend. Friday’s humidity is more noticeable thanks to the showers, but consistent high pressure lowers the dew point by Monday.

Humidity stays rather low through the week

Winds are calm for much of the same reason. There are no big changes in the weather that would bring much of a breeze. Winds are particularly light on Friday.

Winds stay calm through the end of the week

Storms in the Atlantic leave us alone this week. Philippe loses energy over the weekend, and our high pressure helps steer the next system away from the US.

Tropical systems leave us alone through next week

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