Strong late week cold front to bring rain, gusty wind, frost potential

Thursday is mild and dry ahead of this cold front

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday is once again a day to start with the jackets. Heading into the afternoon, temperatures rise into the 60s and lower 70s, which should feel nice and comfortable with a little breeze at times.

Temperature forecast for Thursday, 10/19/2023

This comes ahead of a strong cold front that we’ve been tracking for days now.

The front starts out by bringing rain to southwest and central Virginia through the early-to-mid afternoon hours Friday.

Hour-by-hour rain chance for Friday, 10/20/2023

It looks as though any showers for high school football games Friday will be isolated.

High school football forecast for Friday, 10/20/2023

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Once the cold front passes through, we’ll notice the wind picking up into Saturday. Gusts of 30 to 40 mph will be likely in parts of the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley and Highlands.

Saturday's wind gusts could topple trash cans, knock down leaves

Sunday will be breezy too. Once the wind calms down, watch out!

That’s when morning temperatures drop into the 30s. Expect areas of frost next Monday and Tuesday mornings

Turning frosty at times Monday and Tuesday mornings

Afternoon temperatures rise each day next week.

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