From fall to summer: Wild temperature swing expected this week

We start with areas of frost Monday, but we’ll be rocking t-shirts by the end of the week

ROANOKE, Va. – Monday starts with areas of frost and temperatures in the 30s first thing in the morning.

Sunshine comes to our aid, and temperatures rise into the 60s and lower 70s by the afternoon.

A clear sky at night will once again be like a bed without a blanket, allowing temperatures to plummet to about 35 to 40° first thing Tuesday morning.

Temperature forecast for Monday, 10/23/2023

Don’t get too used to the cold, though. High pressure over the Eastern U.S. will prevent any rain from reaching us, but it will also act as a warming force in our weather later this week.

Staying dry but turning warmer later in the week

Afternoon highs Thursday into the weekend will resemble mid-September as opposed to late October.

Feeling like mid-September later in the week

You might be asking, “How does a temperature swing like this happen?” If there’s a time of year for wild temperature swings, it’s fall and spring. These are our transition seasons.

In the case of fall, we’re caught between the rapidly-cooling north and the seemingly-forever warm south.

When cold fronts pass, we get a taste of that chill. When the jet stream then retreats back north, we get blasted with warmth.

Why do temperatures swing so frequently in the fall?

In keeping with that theme, we’ll likely be tracking a slow-moving cold front around Halloween. This means that rain will be possible. Following that, we’ll get a shot of cold air.

Preview of the forecast for Halloween - 2023

Timing for this front and its impact on trick-or-treaters is very up in the air eight days out, so keep checking back for updates on the forecast by downloading our free weather app.

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