Changing trends once winter ends

Pollen and storms turn more likely

ROANOKE, Va. – Temperatures are warming which means other changes to come. With the spring equinox only days away, be sure you’re ready for the next season’s unique nature.

Both tree and grass pollen are on the rise.

March sees a big uptick in pollen count. Grass blooms are on the rise, but trees reach their peak pollen spread first. Tree pollen stays at least as high through June.

Snow chances are very limited until next November.

Snow is hard to come by through the next few months. While snow is statistically possible our recent warm days mean it’s hard to get anything to stick.

April has noticeably more stormy days than March.

Storms chances rise as spring goes on. April marks the start of a busy storm season. Through May, June, and July storm risks stay high when compared to the rest of the year.

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