One more windy day as we start our warm-up

Gusts above 40 mph are possible through the afternoon

When winds drop late on Saturday we stay much calmer in the coming days

ROANOKE, Va. – If you’re sick and tired of the wind we have both good news and bad news. There is still plenty of wind on Saturday, but once the sun sets winds are much calmer to start next week.

Gusts reach 40 mph for many yet again

Winds are high through the middle of the day with gusts to 40 mph on the high end. We are slightly calmer than Friday but not by much.

Winds are more tolerable in the late afternoon

In the late afternoon wind speeds drop. Gusts stay closer to 30 mph making this a more pleasant evening to get outside.

Winds are calmer after sunset

Winds are mostly calm through the night. While we still have a breeze on Sunday it stays much calmer than the end to this week.

Temperatures climb towards average on Saturday

Even though we start cooler than we did on Friday we end up with warmer afternoon highs. Temperatures climb to the upper 60s putting us close to average for this part of April. The high pressure coming our way pushes highs much further.

We add much more heat on Sunday

Incoming warm air brings Sunday to the 70s and even low 80s. Highs stay in the 80s for most of our region well into next week.

Shower chances creep up later in the week

Showers stay away for most of the weekend, but we have plenty of chances once the work week begins. There is enough heat to feed isolated storms. The severe chance is low for now with major systems missing us to the north and south.

We stay above average through much of next week

The above average temperatures stick around even beyond Wednesday. Highs stay in the 80s at least until the weekend starts.

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