Steamy conditions to start the week

Tuesday will be disgustingly hot

ROANOKE, VA – The heat is relentless across the country, with numerous all time high temperature records set on the West Coast. Las Vegas set an all time high of 118 degrees yesterday.

103 Million under heat alerts

In our neck of the woods, it will be the combination of heat and humidity that makes it feel brutally hot outside over the next few days.

Hot Tuesday

While temperatures today will be not overly hot, it will still feel muggy throughout. A few isolated showers could pop up in the afternoon and evening hours, which would make it feel a bit more tolerable outside.

Isolated Showers in Evening

Tomorrow, however, will have heat index values approach the 105 plus degree mark. It’ll be comparable to last Thursday and Friday.

Dangerous Heat

With all the excessive moisture and high dew point values, we’ll run a chance of showers and storms each day this week. Showers and storms will be isolated today and tomorrow, and much more widespread Wednesday through Friday.

Temperatures will drop a tad to a more seasonable feel on Friday, in part due to cloud cover and the aforementioned chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Chance of rain throughout week

Meanwhile in the tropics, Beryl is currently a Category 1 hurricane and will make landfall in Texas any minute. 80 MPH winds and storm surge flooding above seven feet are the biggest risks for coastal communities being impacted. Beryl will weaken rapidly once it makes full landfall, and continue into the central Plains and the Midwest.

Category 1 at Texas Landfall

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