This adorable heated vest is over 60% off for the next 24 hours only!

Be Warm Vest (via StackCommerce)

From your bedroom being darker than usual or skimping out on workouts amid the holidays, there are many scientifically proven reasons why getting out of bed in the winter months is incredibly difficult. But until you can head into work wrapped up in your comforter, getting out of the house and bearing the cold is just something you have to deal with. But thanks to today’s technology, you can leave the house without ever sacrificing those deliciously warm cuddly vibes.

You may have warm jackets, but none of them compare to the heating power of this vest. That’s because it literally resists the cold thanks to the fact that it’s battery-operated, complete with varying heat settings and heat-conserving materials that keep you incredibly toasty as you go about your day. And while it’s normally priced at a whopping $149, if you act within the next 24 hours, you can get it for just $49.99, over 60% off its regular price (and no, you don’t even need a special coupon code).

While this vest may sound high-tech, it’s actually quite easy to use. Simply connect its built-in USB plug to the power bank of your choice and pick from three different heat settings to find the perfect level of toastiness. The vest features seven different heat zones that keep your upper body warm as you go about your day, keeping you energized and feeling fantastic no matter how ugly the weather is outside. And it’s even waterproof to ensure you stay dry.

In addition to its magnificent heating power, this vest also boasts a stylish design that you can easily pair with any of your outfits, whether it be sweatpants and a hoodie or a blouse and jeans. And thanks to its convenient side pockets, you can easily tote around your keys, phone, pens, and whatever else you like to have on hand.

This price drop won’t be around for long — get the Be Warm heated vest with a hoodie for just $49.99 within the next 24 hours, no coupon code needed.

Prices subject to change.