Make a pinhole camera to watch the solar eclipse

Easy to make with items around the house

ROANOKE COUNTY – If you don't want to take the chance on solar eclipse glasses or can't find any, you can make a pinhole camera.

Take a box or a piece of cardboard.  Cut a hole about an inch by inch.  Tape aluminum foil over the hole, and make a little pinhole in the middle with a safety pin or thumbtack.

You then point the hole at the sun and look at image on the piece of cardboard it's shining onto, instead of looking at the sun.

Roanoke County schools science supervisor Julian Barnes says this will involve kids in a hands-on project and get them asking questions.

"If you tell a kid about a concept that's great. If you can show them this concept, wow that's where you really start making an impact and people start making connections," said Barnes.

The same idea works with trees. If you look at the ground during the solar eclipse, you'll see many images with the tree filtering the sunlight.

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