Missing spring break, adding extra time to school day possible in Wythe County

Students have missed 12 days so far this school year


WYTHE COUNTY, Va. – Wythe County Schools are changing the calendar after missing a dozen days so far this school year because of weather.

Students missed nine days in the first semester, which is highly unusual, according to Becki James, the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

That pushed the first semester past winter break, which they don't like to do.

They've already made up some days by going in January.

Right now, school ends on May 29th but if they miss four more days, school administrators could take away days from spring break or add more time to the school day in March and April.

Virginia students have to be in school 180 days or 990 hours.

James says this late in the year, they will try not to make any changes to spring break because families already have plans.

She says they also try to end the school year in May because they start so early in August.

Wythe County's 10-year average for missed days is 16 over a school year.

In the 2009-2010 school year, students missed 21 days and that's the last time they've extended the school day.

James says they try to extended the school day in a purposeful manner--- usually adding time in April as kids are getting ready for SOL testing--- so it helps with prepping them for the tests.

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