About 100 Christiansburg kids being moved to new elementary school this fall

School board approved the plan to alleviate overcrowding


CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – This fall, about 100 elementary school students in Christiansburg will not be attending the school they thought they would be attending

The Montgomery County School Board unanimously approved the change as part of a bigger plan to alleviate overcrowding at some Christiansburg schools. This will affect neighborhoods east of downtown Christiansburg, but rising fifth graders can stay at their current schools if families are able to provide transportation.

The school board also voted 5-2 Tuesday night for the $100 million plan to expand classroom space at Christiansburg Elementary School, Christiansburg Primary School, Belview Elementary School and Christiansburg High School.

As part of the plan, Christiansburg Elementary School and Christiansburg Primary School will be expanded to add 10 additional classrooms, eliminating portable classrooms at both schools.

Belview will be expanded to add four to six new classrooms.

All three schools will have space improvements to the gym and cafeteria.

The projects, which are expected to cost a combined $35 million, are projected to begin in 2020.

The most expensive of the three elementary school projects is Christiansburg Primary School, which is estimated at $19.3 million.

At Christiansburg High School, the addition of new classrooms, gym and office space will increase the school's capacity from 866 to 1,400. The school currently has 1,040 students.

That project is projected to cost $70 million design work will begin next year, while construction is expected to begin in 2023.

Funding now needs to be approved by the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors.

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