This new Netflix dating show is straight up bonkers, and I’ll probably watch all of it

Yes, that's a mouse on a date. (Netflix.)

Reader, we have a hit a new low in this country, and it takes form in a new Netflix dating show that sounds so insane, I actually cannot believe it is real.

As you can see in the above photo, that is a person dressed up as a mouse, and yes, they are on a date.

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The show, creepily called “Sexy Beasts,” is as if Netflix’s other crazy dating show “Love Is Blind” (which was actually good) and “The Masked Singer” had a new reality TV show baby.

Like “Love Is Blind,” the contestants on this dating show won’t be able to see each other while dating and falling in love, but instead of getting to know each other between a wall, the contestants wear masks and prosthetics on their faces to look like, well, beasts.

That’s right. An owl and a fox enjoying drinks at a brewery. A panda and an alien doing axe-throwing. A rhino and a dolphin having a romantic date on a carriage ride. Just totally normal things, right?

When you watch the trailer for “Sexy Beasts,” you honestly have to ask yourself if this is a joke.

Sadly, dear reader, this show is very real, and arrives to Netflix on July 21.

The whole point is that the contestants will fall in love with the person’s personality and not their looks, but just seeing from the trailer that some of the contestants are conventionally attractive just ruins the show.

It was the same criticism that “Love Is Blind” had. What’s the point of having a dating TV show where looks aren’t important, when it’s full of people who have incredible bodies and fantastic appearances?

At the same time, this TV show looks absolutely bonkers, and after the last year and half we’ve had, some pure escapism like this might be just what the doctor ordered.

Do I really need to watch single twenty-somethings go on lavish dates dressed in full-on beast makeup? Absolutely not. But Netflix sure has a way of getting us to watch absolutely ridiculous content.

And considering that some of the contestants from “Love Is Blind” are still together and married, perhaps the folks on “Sexy Beasts” will have similar luck. Only time will tell.

You can watch the trailer for “Sexy Beasts” below, if you dare.

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