Get caught up on ‘Succession’ before season 3 returns on HBO

"Succession" Season 3 Premiere at American Museum of Natural History on October 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images) (Theo Wargo, 2021 Getty Images)

Can you believe that HBO’s hit “Succession” is finally back, after being off the air for more than two years?

Season two of the Emmy-winning drama premiered all the way back in August 2019, so fans of the show have been more than ready to see what was going to happen next to the Roy relatives and their precious family business.

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So, if you’ve never watched the show before, stop reading this article and find an HBO Max login ASAP!

The show follows the Roys, an extremely wealthy family (like very wealthy. We’re talking billionaire status) who owns a media conglomerate.

Besides owning a right-wing cable news station, they own a line of cruise ships, amusement parks and whatever else they can get their hands on and buy. Money is no object.

The top dog of the family business, Logan, is trying to find a suitable successor for the business in one of his four children. While they all want the keys to the family business (well, maybe not oldest son Connor), what the Roy children (who are fully adults) want more than anything is daddy’s approval.

While the show is certainly dramatic, it’s also extremely funny, which is why it’s become so beloved by fans and critics. Just look at the number of Emmy awards it won at the 2020 ceremony, and you’ll understand why it’s just so good.

So, if you have watched the show and would like a refresher on where our favorite one-percenters ended in season two, keep on reading.

Logan and Kendall: The main power struggle throughout “Succession” has been between Logan and his son, Kendall. At the start of the series, Kendall seems like the most logical choice to take over the family business, but as we begin to learn, Logan doesn’t trust him.

Season two was all about watching Kendall at his rock bottom after what happened to him during season one’s Chappaquiddick-inspired ending. With no end in sight to his misery, you almost believe that Kendall is going to sacrifice himself so the rest of the family doesn’t go to prison, until he pulls the incredible 180 on his dad.

At a press conference, the entire family thinks Kendall is going to confess, but instead, he sells out Logan to the world about all the terrible things he’s done, and then the season ends. With a cliffhanger like that, it’s no wonder why fans are so ready to find out what happens.

After watching the season three trailer, it’s clear that the new season will follow the war between Logan and Kendall.

Shiv and Tom: I’m not sure if I’d ever describe Shiv and Tom as a “happy couple,” but given how things ended between the newlyweds after season two, they may be at war now, too.

Tom told Shiv that he resents her because she wants them to have an open marriage, and he’s also upset at just how easily she was willing to sell him out so that her father or brothers wouldn’t have to go to prison. With Kendall drawing a line in the sand, it wouldn’t be surprising if Tom picked his side, since there’s no way Shiv agrees with what Kendall did.

Even though Logan promised Shiv the family company at the beginning of season two and then took it away from her, there’s no doubt that Shiv will now see this opportunity to get on her father’s good side now that Kendall has started World War III.

Roman: Speaking of siblings who will also want to get in Logan’s good graces, it’s Roman. Easily the funniest and most charismatic of the Roy children, Roman has always been so close to being his father’s favorite.

Roman also has an ally in the company who no one else knows about: Gerri. Their freaky phone sex has lead to a strong alliance, and since Gerri always has Logan’s ear, could she persuade him to boost Roman’s profile?

Cousin Greg and Tom: Without a doubt, Cousin Greg and Tom have the funniest and most compelling relationships in the show. Both outsiders to the core Logan family, they long to be respected by the rest of them, yet they need each other to get ahead.

After they both successfully avoided taking the fall for the cruise line scandal, they seem like they might end up being Team Kendall. Like I mentioned above, Tom and Shiv are not in a good place, and Greg trusts Kendall. It seems like he knew what Kendall was going to do at that press conference before the rest of the family.

Connor: Oh Connor, you dumb man child. What are we supposed to do with you?

The oldest Roy child is mostly just there for comedic effect, and honestly, he understands the assignment. Watching Connor think that he’s actually qualified to run for president of the United States was beyond laughable, yet horrifyingly not at all that unrealistic, given how many extremely rich men have run for president on both sides of the aisle. What could the writers cook up for Connor for season three? We can only imagine.

“Succession” airs on HBO and streams live on HBO Max on Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

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