The highs, lows and whoas of the 2023 Golden Globes

Let’s hope an awards show is never on a Tuesday night again

Jennifer Coolidge poses with the award for Best Supporting Actress - Television Limited Series/Motion Picture for "The White Lotus" in the press room during the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic) (Matt Winkelmeyer, 2023 FilmMagic)

To quote the iconic Moira Rose from “Schitt’s Creek,” what is my favorite season? Well, it’s awards season, of course.

Last night’s Golden Globes officially kicked off the 2023 awards season, and despite it being on a Tuesday night, it looked like our favorite celebrities had some fun. Well, we certainly know Jennifer Coolidge did.

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The Golden Globes were back on NBC after not airing last year due to the voting body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, admitting they have a diversity issue among its voters, as well as other issues and drama. Despite all that, the show must go on, and on and on it did. The three-hour-telecast went well over time, and for a Tuesday night, it was rough to stay up and finish watching it.

There were some fun moments in the show (did I mention Jennifer Coolidge already?), and some moments I’d like to forget, but overall, the night was pretty meh. Here are the highs, lows and whoas from last night’s ceremony.

WHOA: Addressing Hollywood Foreign Press Association controversy already. Host Jerrod Carmichael wasted no time talking about the elephant in the room. In fact, his entire opening monologue was about the HFPA. It was great that he made jokes about them, but the pacing and tone was a little off?

LOW: I want some celebs roasted! I’m happy that Carmichael roasted the HFPA, but I also wanted jokes about the celebrities! That’s the best part of these things.

HIGH: First win for “Everything Everywhere All At Once” for Best Supporting Actor Ke Huy Quan. His speech was one of the best of the night.

HIGH: Jennifer Hudson giving Angela Bassett her award for Best Supporting Actress in a movie. This win came out of left field for me, and of course, Basett did not disappoint with her speech.

HIGH: Jennifer Coolidge blabbing on for God knows how long. I could listen to her speak about everything and nothing. Let her present all of the awards.

HIGH: Tyler James William wins Best Supporting Actor in a Television show for “Abbott Elementary.” Seriously, if you’re not watching this show, you need to be.

LOW: The audience not shutting up when they came back from commercial. I know they all haven’t been to an actual live Golden Globes ceremony in like three years, but it’s rude!

HIGH: The pianist playing theme songs. The “Sex and the City” theme snippet was amazing.

HIGH: Quinta Brunson won Best Actress in a Comedy Series. She deserves it all! Watch “Abbott Elementary!”

HIGH: Michelle Yeoh won Best Actress in a Comedy Movie. She gave such an incredible speech, and her telling the music to not play her off during her speech was masterful.

LOW: The music playing winners off already. Just let them have their moments!

WHOA: Austin Butler beats Brendan Fraser! It seemed like Fraser had Best Actor in a Drama Movie in the bag, but Butler won for playing the king himself, Elvis. Also, is he still really using the Elvis voice? It’s creepy and weird. We know that’s not what you sound like!

HIGH: Everyone acknowledging that Rihanna is in the audience. Legends supporting legends is what I call that.

HIGH: Steven Spielberg won Best Director! Sometimes it’s nice to see the legends win every once and a while. It keeps everyone else humble.

LOW: The long walks to the stage. Couldn’t they have seated winners closer to the stage? This is taking forever.

HIGH: Nicole Byer and Ana Gasteyer presenting awards together. They are the duo I never knew I needed.

HIGH: Jennifer Coolidge won for “The White Lotus!” Everything that comes out of this woman’s mouth is gold. Let the Jennifer Coolidgeaissance continue!

HIGH: All the wins for “The White Lotus” so we can hear the banger of a theme song again.

LOW: They stopped serving food? Someone get Mike White some food!

HIGH: The lack of food made Mike White very drunk, and he gave a great speech for it. You will always be famous, Mike White.

LOW: How is this show still going on? It’s a Tuesday! I need sleep, and they’re still giving Eddie Murphy an honorary award?

HIGH: Let Regina Hall present all of the awards.

HIGH: All the actors that didn’t show up to accept their awards. You’re making this go by faster, and for that, we are forever grateful.

WHOA: “House of the Dragon” and “Abbott Elementary” win best Drama series and Comedy series, respectively. New shows are beating old favorites.

LOW: The speech from the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. We don’t care, it’s 11 p.m. on a Tuesday night, and there are two more awards to give out. Please just make it end.

HIGH: The show finally ended and I could care less who won best movies. It’s over and it’s time for bed. Let’s never do this on a weekday again. See you all at the SAG Awards!

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