It’s time to vote in the semifinals of our romantic comedy movie bracket

It’s the battle of the rom-coms!

This image released by the Library of Congress shows Meg Ryan, left, and Billy Crystal in a scene from "When Harry Met Sally." (MGM/Library of Congress via AP) (Mgm)

It’s the semifinals, baby!

If you thought round three had some tough choices, then you don’t even know what is about to hit you for round four.

The first battle is between “Sleepless In Seattle” and “Miss Congeniality.” We saw the fall of the all-time great rom-com “When Harry Met Sally,” which is kind of shocking! It seemed like we were going to get the battle of the Meg Ryan rom-com, but voters really just love “Miss Congeniality.”

The second battle is between “Pretty Woman” and “You’ve Got Mail.” Julia Roberts and Ryan are basically the queens of rom-coms, so it’s fitting that they will go to head-to-head in this semifinal battle. It will be a close race, that’s for sure!

So who will prevail? Make sure you vote, and come back on Monday to see who made it to the finals. It’s so exciting!

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