What’s a movie that everyone has seen, but you somehow have not?

Yes, I’ve really never seen ‘Titanic’

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio dancing in a scene from the film 'Titanic', 1997. (Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images) (Archive Photos, 2012 Getty Images)

I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I’ve never seen the movie “Titanic” all the way through. I’ll give you a moment to process this information. I know! It seems absolutely crazy, but there’s something about “Titanic” that has never peaked my interest.

Part of the issue is that I was pretty young when the movie came out in 1997, so my parents weren’t taking me to theaters to see it. A few years later, my older cousins were watching it on VHS, and I caught the part where the ship started to sink and split in half. As an elementary-aged kid, I was straight up terrified of ever going on a cruise ship, so I decided at that point in time that I would never watch the movie.

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And here we are, some 25+ years later, and I’ve kept to my vow of never watching “Titanic” all the way through. That being said, I have seen the iconic scenes from the movie (”paint me like one of your French girls,” and of course Rose not letting Jack onto that door that totally could have fit him, too), but I’m at the point where I just have zero interest in seeing the full thing all the way through.

Whenever I admit to someone that I’ve never seen “Titanic,” the reaction is always the same. Their eyes get wide, they gasp and usually utter the word, “WHAT?!” at a very loud volume. It’s probably the same reaction you had when you started reading this article!

When I thought about how shocked people get whenever I admit I’ve never seen “Titanic,” it got me wondering if other people have had a similar experience to me. Is there a super popular movie that everyone has seen, except for maybe you? We want to hear about it! We may even include your response in a follow-up story about our favorite messages!

In the form below, tell us about the movie that you’ve never seen, but everyone else on this planet has. Are people shocked you’ve never seen it? What’s kept you from watching it? Do you think you’ll ever watch it someday? Let us know!

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