Don’t fall for it: Army Recruiting says military draft texts aren’t real

A number of fraudulent texts have circulated around the country this week, officials say

Just a heads up: The U.S. Army is not sending out text messages to tell people they’ve been chosen for a military draft, officials from Recruiting Command said Wednesday.

But a number of fraudulent texts have circulated around the country this week, according to a news release posted on Recruiting Command’s website.

“U.S. Army Recruiting Command has received multiple calls and emails about these fake text messages -- and wants to ensure (that) Americans understand these texts are false and were not initiated by this command or the U.S. Army,” the site reads.

Even if there were a draft, it’s not a decision made by U.S. Army Recruiting Command. The organization wouldn’t send text messages about it.

The Selective Service System, a separate agency outside of the Department of Defense, is the organization that manages registration for the Selective Service, officials said.

Here’s a Facebook post from the Selective Service System.

The Selective Service System is conducting business as usual. In the event that a national emergency necessitates a...

Posted by Selective Service System on Friday, January 3, 2020

U.S. Army Recruiting Command wants you to know the following: The draft has not been in effect since 1973. The military has been an all-volunteer force since that time. Registering for the Selective Service does not enlist you into the military.

Currently, recruiting operations are normal for the Army.

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