How to cut your son’s hair at home -- for blondes, it’s a little different

Cutting around the ears can be tricky! (StyleWise.)

We’ve showed you how to master the at-home haircut during quarantine, but cutting hair on people who are blonde -- well, it’s a whole other rodeo.

A lot of mistakes can be hidden with people who have dark hair because, well, their hair is dark. It may be noticeable to them, but the average person walking down the street probably isn’t going to notice a chunk of hair not blended in. But for people with blonde hair, however, it’s a different story.

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That’s why StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan recruited busy mom Lauren once again to give one of her sons another at-home haircut, and luckily, her second son is a blondie.

Jordan takes Lauren through some helpful tips on how to blend the hair better, especially around the important areas, like the ears and those tricky bangs.

Want to see how the haircut for little Charlie ends up?

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