Videos and photos emerging on social media of Beirut explosion

BEIRUT, LEBANON - AUGUST 04: A car is damaged after a large explosion on August 4, 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon. Video shared on social media showed a structure fire near the port of Beirut followed by a second massive explosion, which damaged surrounding buildings and injured hundreds. (Photo by Daniel Carde/Getty Images) (Daniel Carde, 2020 Getty Images)

A massive explosion happened in Beirut on Tuesday, causing immense damage and destruction, according to multiple reports.

Lebanese Red Cross official Georges Kettaneh told the Associated Press that there were dead and wounded people from the explosion, but did not have an exact number since it just happened.

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The explosion happened in downtown Beirut, and according to reports, was big enough to have a mushroom cloud rise above the capital city.

Videos and photos of the explosion and its destruction have started to surface on social media, and words don’t do justice to how much devastation this explosion has on the city.

City streets are in ruins, cars are destroyed and people’s homes are completely flattened and gone.

Here are a few videos and photos circulating on Twitter that illustrated just how grave this explosion was.

Warning: some of these videos are tough to watch, and include explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised

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