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Tasty Tuesday: Stacey’s Grill 2 Go goes mobile with family favorites

Despite losing nearly every contract due to COVID, Stacey’s Grill 2 Go keeps going strong.

ROANOKE, Va. – Over the holiday season, a lot of us may have gotten a taste of home-cooked food. For Stacey’s Grill 2 Go, that’s what it’s all about.

Owner Stacey Woolwine looks back, telling us that it all started when she was, “Cooking with my mom and cooking with my grandmother and even cooking with my mother-in-law.”

Cooking started at home, but she then worked for a corporate restaurant for about 16 years. She decided it was time for a change that would bring her back to her roots.

When asked about her menu, Woolwine tells us, “Everything is just things that I’ve made up or things that I’ve been doing since I was a little kid. Things that I do at home, and I want everyone else to try too.”

Things like the quesadilla will definitely leave you full and will definitely leave you with leftovers.

Size matters with this one.

“We make them like no one else makes them. Everything is big. Go big or go home.”

For one quesadilla, Woolwine says she drew inspiration from an unlikely place.

“And the Tutu Quesadilla is inspired by my grandmother. She spent about 20 years in Hawaii and took on a lot of their culture. It’s Hawaiian-inspired. Of course, it’s got pineapple and chicken and then I put my own fusion into it.”

Her son also has his name stamped on part of the business.

“My son, Austin, said, ‘Mom, you’ve got to put this on the menu,’ and it’s a bacon cheeseburger. He said, ‘It’s got to go on the menu, and it’s got to be called the Austin Burger,’ and I said absolutely we’ll put it on there.”

Woolwine admits, however, that the pandemic changed a lot of what they’ve worked so hard for in recent years.

She says, “We lost every contract,” especially in the beginning. Still, Stacey’s Grill 2 Go is doing well. She sets up shop outside some area hospitals and breweries, like Parkway Brewing, in Salem.

If you want them to stop by for lunch outside your place of work, contact Stacey here.

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