Roanoke businesswoman offered full-scholarship to compete in Gauntlet, expand her business

Ivana Savany owns L&S Virtual Office and is a member of the Latinas Network

ROANOKE, Va. – Strengthening female business leaders in the local Latin American community, the Latinas Network is partnering with the Gauntlet business program and competition this year.

Kat Pascal, co-founder of the popular restaurant Farmburguesa, is also a former Gauntlet participant and is now using her business knowledge to help mentor others going through the program, especially those within the Latina community. She said it’s important for entrepreneurs to not feel alone in their journey.

“Being around like-minded people or being around people that can be mentors will allow you to use the tools that will help you better create this idea that you have and build a business, and build a strong foundation from the get-go,” Pascal said.

The Latinas Network, a group that focuses on growing female business leaders within the local Latina community, sponsored member Ivana Savany with a full-tuition scholarship to this year’s program. “When I was surprised with the scholarship, I cried when they let me know. I was really excited,” Savany said.

Savany owns L&S virtual office and is a tax expert with 5-years of experience. She says she loves her work and has a passion for helping others.

“My goal is for business owners to have more time to focus on what matters by providing business solutions,” Savany said on her website.

She has recognized the need for online tax services, notary, bookkeeping and more since the start of the pandemic and has continued to expand her offerings. She says it’s also important to offer services to other business owners within the Hispanic community. She says the opportunity to serve her clients and to be part of the Gauntlet is a great honor.

Savany is one of more than 100 local entrepreneurs competing in the Gauntlet business program and competition this year. She said the course has been very beneficial to her business and a wonderful opportunity she is thankful for.

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