Hey moms: What do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

Happy almost Mother's Day! (Daria Obymaha/Pexels)

Calling all mamas, moms-to-be and maternal figures: We have an important question for you.

If you could have anything for Mother’s Day, what would it be?

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Something as simple as a nap, or some uninterrupted “you” time? Or are you an empty-nester, and you’re dying for a nice lunch or dinner with your adult children?

A vacation? A nice bouquet of flowers, or are those overdone? No answer is too big or small -- even if you have something funny to contribute, we want to hear it!

Oh, and we just might use your response in a future story, so please, we’ll take all answers: Serious, sarcastic and candid.

Thank you in advance! Happy Mother’s Day (coming up in just a few short weeks!) to everyone who celebrates.

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