Going back to the office? Settling in? Preparing for a return? Let’s hear about it

We pass the mic to you

Will working IRL again be your reality soon? (Or are you already doing it?) (Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels)

We know it and you know it, too: The pandemic messed with a LOT of people’s jobs.

Some workers lost their employment, some found new jobs, some started working from home (and some never stopped), some did a little bit of remote work and in-office projects -- you name a working scenario, and it was probably someone’s reality over the past year or so.

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And now, more and more, we’re hearing that people have to go back, or for many, the job environment is shifting once again.

With the COVID-19 vaccine widely available, will you have to return, in-office? Or did this moment happen months ago? Were you given an option? Are you EVER going back? Or have you been working from home for years now, and none of this affected you?

Again, there are almost too many responses to list. But either way, we want to hear how you’re feeling and gain some perspective. We’d love to use this insight for future reporting. So if you want to vent, gloat or get some weight off your chest -- now’s your chance. Let’s hear it. The mic is yours:

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