Tasty Tuesday: Cocoa Trail Chocolates takes you into a ‘world of pure imagination’ with award-winning treats

Though it’s only been open four years, Cocoa Trail has a reputation of being one of the best at its craft

COLLINSVILLE, Va. – Months ago, a local chocolatier won our Top-10 poll for best dessert. We figured that this was a great way to show off Henry County as part of our ongoing ‘In Your Town’ series. So, we visited Cocoa Trail Chocolates where owner, Brittany Agee tells us, “My favorite movie as a child was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

Agee may as well be the female Willy Wonka of Henry County, chocolate waterfalls and all. Four years ago, she opened up Cocoa Trail and since then, it’s taken Southside by storm. It takes an incredible amount of work and dedication to get something like this off the ground.

Agee recalls, “First two years, I had a cot in the back. I worked all day and all night.”

Her mom helps in the back, making fudge and ganaches that fill the sweet truffles. Whether it’s making the shells, filling the truffles or shipping chocolates, temperature is key. That why Agee says, “I always look forward to it cooling down.”

As we look forward to the cooler months, she says there’s more than just fall flavors to come.

“I have summer flavors and fall flavors coming out at the same time right now. If I keep having multiple people suggest a flavor I don’t have, I try my best to get to it. Depending on the season, I might wait to get that flavor out.”

Everything from cocoa Oreos to fruity, sweet or even alcohol-infused truffles line the cases, in addition to multiple varieties of fudge. She also keeps things fun and interesting.

“Frogs really stand out and the bass. My husband and I, we’re into fishing, so I had to get some bass in here one way or another.”

Most importantly, Agee feels the pride of owning an award-winning store in her hometown.

“Never would’ve thought I would have the opportunity to own my own store. Keeping it local is the best thing. I haven’t gone anywhere.”

Cocoa Trail is getting ready to bring out seasonal favorites like pumpkin-flavored truffles, apple fudge and peach cobbler fudge.

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