Share: Doctors and nurses, what are you experiencing lately on the job?

A doctor puts on a mask. (Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels)

Does it still seem like the COVID-19 pandemic just started, or do you feel like we’ve been dealing with this reality for ages?

For some, it might be hard to believe that COVID arrived in the U.S. in early 2020 -- and it’s now 2022.

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But here we are, with a record 9.5 million cases tallied over the past week as the omicron variant sweeps the planet, according to the World Health Organization -- which marked a 71% increase from the previous seven-day period, that the U.N. health agency likened to a “tsunami.”

Health care workers are so strong, but some might be struggling lately, with issues like burnout, low morale, work-home life balance; you name it, especially with COVID cases still surging.

So, here’s what we’ll ask: If you’re a health care worker, what are you seeing on the job?

We invite you to fill out the form below. We are NOT collecting email addresses or any personal details without your consent -- so you’re welcome to fill out as much or as little information as you’d like. If we do anything with your responses, they’ll all be used anonymously.

Maybe it will feel productive to get something off your chest.

And here’s a major thank you: For showing up to work every day, continuing to battle the pandemic, and possibly sharing your experience. If you are interested in speaking with a reporter, there’s a place to drop your contact information.

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