Wintry cuteness: Otters spotted playing on ice at Virginia Tech Duck Pond

Photo of the pair gaining attention on social media

BLACKSBURG, Va. – As you’re preparing to play in the winter weather this weekend, just know there are too cute critters beating you to all the fun.

Two adorable otters have been spotted playing on the ice together at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond. The pair were caught on camera by photographer Ivan Morozov. The photo he posted of them on social media is gaining a lot of attention from admirers.

The otters have been a favorite frequent visitor year-round at the Duck Pond in Blacksburg, but now that they have taken to the ice, it’s added to their popularity

Sabrina Garvin, executive director of the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke, said playing on iced-over bodies of water is common otter behavior.

“These two are well on their own and probably having a great time,” Garvin said. “If it snows I’m sure they are going to make hills and trails that they’ll be sliding down.”

Garvin urges people not to get too close or disturb the animals. She said human interference is dangerous for the otter. In addition, she said otters also bite.

“Let’s watch them. Let’s enjoy them. But, let’s stay away from them at the same time,” said Garvin.

Garvin said they look healthy and happy and enjoying them from a distance will keep them safe.

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