Your time change stories: Here’s what you had to say about daylight saving time messing with your schedule

‘Well, it took me about 20 minutes of young, dumb confusion, and then finally, a co-worker reminded me about the time change’

Does the time change affect you? (Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels)

Considering we JUST sprang forward, time wise, we had to ask: Has the time change ever ruined your day? Or even your week?

Have you ever forgotten something important due to “springing ahead?” What, exactly, was the event or calendar item that you missed? Was it a disaster, or something you can laugh about today? (You can still enter a response, if you have something in mind! It’s not too late).

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Here are three responses we received that stood out in particular:

  • “Only once did I mess up with the ‘spring ahead.’ It was back when I was 16 and working my first job in retail. I showed up to work ‘on time,’ according to my clock. This was back in the early ‘90s, so we didn’t have anything that auto changed. I get there, all my co-workers had a smirk on their faces. They were all older than me. I go to clock in and notice the time clock is an hour fast, so I go and tell my manager, and he bursts out laughing. He said, ‘No, the clock isn’t an hour fast, you’re an hour slow.’ ... Well, it took me about 20 minutes of young, dumb confusion, and then finally, a co-worker reminded me about the time change. Since then, I have never made the same mistake. I’m glad they chose to take the happy, fun way to teach me a lesson, instead of being angry and mean.” -- Dan from Orlando
  • “‘Ruined’ is probably a strong term, but several years ago, we were meeting our in-laws for brunch, (and) they forgot about the time change, so we sat around waiting for them for an hour.” -- Sarah from West Houston
  • “My doctor’s appointment was the next day and my blood pressure was 10 points higher due to the fact that I had taken it an hour later due to the time change. (My doctor) didn’t seem to think that this had anything to do with it being higher, but I’ve noticed this over the years -- that it takes about a week at least for my body to adjust.” -- Lucy from Deltona

If you have any other examples, we’d love to read them! It seems a lot of you are pretty annoyed about daylight saving time, as was indicated in your responses, but we’ll wait to see if we get any more specifics -- and update this story accordingly, if so.

Stay rested, friends!

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