Do you have family in Ukraine? Have you ever fled a war-torn country?

We’d like to hear from you, if you’re so inclined to share

A man named Eugene Yevchenko cries as he bids farewell to his daughter Maria at a coach station on May 7, 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine. His wife Lilia is traveling to Warsaw with their two children, Bogdan and Maria, with no plan on where she will go upon arrival. Eugene isn't sure when he will see his family again, only hoping that the war will end soon and they can be reunited from wherever they settle. Lviv has served as a stopover and shelter for the millions of Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, either to the safety of nearby countries or the relative security of western Ukraine. (LEON NEAL, Getty Images)

A question for you, readers and viewers: Can you relate to what’s happening in Ukraine right now?

Maybe you have family in the area, or perhaps you too have fled a war-torn country or situation -- recently or as a child. What can you tell us about that?

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If you’re comfortable sharing your perspective or experience, from where did you flee? Or, is your family overseas safe?

How are you feeling about the circumstances with Russia and Ukraine? Does it hit close to home, for any reason?

We’d love to share your answers with our audience.

Thank you in advance, if you have any words you’d like to offer. All answers are considered anonymous, unless you choose to leave your name and/or any identifying details. We plan to use these responses in a future news story.

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