Blue Ridge Bites: Porkchops with coffee-infused spice rub

Founder of Asher’s Coffee Beans joins us to talk coffee and porkchops

ROANOKE, Va. – You may not associate coffee with meat typically, but when done right, it really does make an amazing combination.

Jacob Galbraith is the owner of Asher’s Coffee Beans in Roanoke, where he sells an amazing assortment of coffee, and now, a pretty tasty coffee-infused spice rub for meats, too.

Named after his grandfather, Galbraith founded Asher’s Coffee Beans in 2020 and has since put his passion for fine food and drinks into the coffee he roasts.

Artistically driven and sustainably sourced from seed to cup, Galbraith said you can rest assured that this coffee will make you feel good inside.

Good for you and the environment – each package of Asher’s Coffee Beans comes in 100% certified compostable packaging.

Galbraith joined WSLS 10 News Anchor Rachel Lucas in the outdoor kitchen to show us how to make pork chops with his special coffee-infused spice rub.

At only $4.99 a bottle, you can purchase it on Asher’s Coffee Bean website.

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