Tasty Tuesday: Blacksburg’s ‘Ridiculous Chicken’ finds early success less than half a year after opening

Everything from large chicken wings to Korean tacos to entertainment can be found at Ridiculous Chicken

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Successful restaurants obviously have to have great food, but it helps to have a catchy name. That’s what we find with Ridiculous Chicken in downtown Blacksburg.

We asked owner, Wan-Qian Wei, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how ridiculous is this chicken?”

To which she replied, “I would give it a 9.5 to give me some improvement room.”

That’s a great starting point! Wei opened Ridiculous Chicken in downtown Blacksburg less than half a year ago, but the community has taken note.

She says the early stages are going, “Better than I thought, because we’re doing a pretty new style.”

This new style incorporates everything from bowls to ramen to “Chicken wings and surprisingly, the Korean taco is doing really well.”

As to how this is different from your standard buffalo wings or street tacos, Wei says it all has to do with the sauce. Whether that sauce is a sweet chili or a Korean signature like the soy garlic, it’s all selling!

Another difference you’ll notice is the size of these wings. They really are ridiculous, so much so that when they come out of the fryer it’s tough to get them in the box.

That pertains to orders of six, twelve or even 24!

Wei also let us in on the secret to the Korean tacos, served with toppings like “Sweet corn, green onion, fried chicken” or other options like beef, pork and cabbage.

More than anything, Wei wants this to be a different but fun place.

“My passion isn’t just about money. I like seeing people satisfied with their food and happy.”

Ridiculous Chicken already does DJ nights on Thursdays and Fridays, but it’ll be delving into Karaoke nights and Anime nights too in the distant future.

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