Tasty Tuesday: Ghetti’s Cafe brings a multitude of food options to Wytheville’s downtown

Home-roasted coffee, pasta bowls and New York bagels are all found under one roof at Ghetti’s in Wytheville

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Darlene Lang and her family branched out into a brand-new endeavor when they opened Ghetti’s Cafe. It’s named after her son’s mispronunciation of ‘spaghetti’ as a kid.

That son, Alan, shares the vision behind his mom’s newest business adventure.

“You’re able to come here and get a solid meal and not be overpriced. We all hate it when we go somewhere, get a burger for six bucks and after you get a drink it’s like 20.”

You’re able to get something you can’t always get at a chain - closeness and community.

“The infrequent times that I’m here, I see a lot of regulars. I can only imagine that it’s constant for her.”

In its baby stages, Ghetti’s has become known for its fresh and daily assortment of New York bagels, toasted and stuffed with meats, veggies and homemade cream cheeses.

You can get a hearty, full meal two with their variety of pasta bowls. One of which is a play-on words for the town they now call home.

Lang introduces us to “The Wythe-fill bowl, which is more of a customized, build-your-own bowl.”

Pick your protein, your pasta and all the other fixins.

There was one idea that Alan wasn’t on board with initially. His mom called him one night and asked, “What if you could carry around pasta in a pocket? And I said there’s no chance. No way.”

That’s all Darlene needed to prove him wrong - and she did!

She’s not the only one with innovation in her blood. Her husband is now roasting his own coffee!

“Dad got tired of going to the store and picking up the general, run-of-the-mill coffee. He’s retired military, so he was just looking for a new endeavor. So he said, ‘I’m going to roast my own coffee.’”

Three different styles are available in-store or to take home - the 0 Dark Thirty, Appalachian Trail and Sunday morning.

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