Tasty Tuesday: The Biz keeps on buzzing at The Little Green Hive in downtown Roanoke

From locally roasted coffee to sweet breakfast pastries, the owners are hoping to franchise their passion

ROANOKE, Va. – A sting has a lasting impact and that impact can be felt from downtown Roanoke at The Little Green Hive Coffee Shop.

The business is located at 16 Church Avenue, and it is one of three business Sharon Ponce and her husband have opened up.

“When you come into our coffee shops, I want you to feel comfortable and welcomed,” Ponce said. “I want us to make your day a little bit easier and a little bit brighter.”

It is the buzz that keeps on buzzing with their quality menu items.

“We make awesome coffee, smoothies, breakfast pastries,” she said. “We are your community hub.”

There’s a reason why the couple decided to nest in this particular location.

“Why not? It is beautiful in here! When we came in, I saw the building; it was just amazing,” Ponce said. “I love all the nooks and crannies and the hideaways. It felt comfortable.”

Some popular items on the menu include smoothie bowls.

“We make whole fruit smoothies, so there are no artificial flavors or added sugars,” she said. “You get a really good breakfast.”

She said their coffee is the bee’s knees for a reason.

“We use fair trade organic locally roasted coffee,” Ponce said. “We also use local milk suppliers. It means the milk fat we are using in our lattes is 100% Jersey cow. It has more protein and more calcium and makes for a much creamier latte.”

The business also has a loyal customer base that is growing day by day.

“That has been very special to me to know that they like us enough to show us off to their friends and they trust us enough to give us the things that they know are good.”

Ponce also cherishes the relationships with her business neighbors.

“It’s a support system,” she said. “They know what you are going through. They got your back and that means a lot.”

Ponce also said they are in the process of becoming a franchise, with a goal to eventually roast their own coffee and create their own ingredients like syrups.

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