Treehouse Tavern brings family-friendly atmosphere, family-style food back to Bent Mountain

Tree House Tavern has the hook up on everything from homemade pizza to local brews to shrimp and grits to BBQ

BENT MOUNTAIN, Va. – Bent Mountain is a unique place - most often known for its wild weather. One family is putting it back on the map through its food too.

That family is the Markhams. Husband and wife duo, Scott and Lee, began embarking on a search to open a family-style restaurant, and Tree House Tavern fell into their laps within the past year.

“Our focus is also community – family-friendly.”

A family atmosphere that ranges from local brews and wines for Mom and Dad to a wide-open outdoor area for the kids.

Scott tells us, “It seemed like a perfect fit for an outdoor bar and next to that, we’ll do an elevated dining area [deck if you will] but that will be used for future venues – for music!”

It’s a place you can’t miss - right down to the homemade smells.

“You can catch the smells even at 60 mph.”

Home-smoked meals are flying out the door. They keep a basic menu, which includes homemade pizza. You order, and it’s out of the oven within five minutes. That’s thanks to the fact that the top of the oven is running over 700°F!

More recently, however, they’ve expanded the menu to include more feature items.

Lee shares that, “Just in the past few weeks, the features we’ve added have been very well-received.”

One of those features includes all things smoked

“Our BBQ, our wings, our ribs.”

Of course, you have to have a southern staple like cheesy shrimp and grits.

These home-crafted meals are all thanks to family recipes and creativity from the chefs out back.

A place that’s food breathes new life into a one-of-a-kind town in the Roanoke Valley.

“In our pursuit for finding the right place, this place found us.”

The hope is for the outdoor area to be fully open in the spring for outdoor dining, live music, playtime and to take in the beautiful views.

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