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Family builds snow giraffe in Harrison Township

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It’s Jack here again, and I hope you’re ready for another brand new digital episode of Something Good. It’s one of my favorite episodes we’ve done so far, and it’s mostly because of a giraffe made of snow.

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It may not be life size, but it comes pretty dang close. A family from the suburbs of Detroit built the massive snow giraffe after they were pummeled with snow back in January. The time alone to sculpt the giraffe is already mind-blowing, but the attention to detail is what really sets this snow sculpture apart.

The dad clearly has an artistic eye, but also an eye for details. He uses spray paint to bring the snow sculpture to the next level. It’s also not the first snow sculpture he’s constructed with his family. Every year, they go all out when they get a huge snowstorm. It not only brings joy to their entire family (what a great family activity to do, too), but it brings happiness to their entire neighborhood.

I mean, how cool would it be to see a giant giraffe snow sculpture across the street from you after a giant snowstorm?

Aside from the snow giraffe, we have some other great stories in this episode, too.

Another great story we have is about a man who is running 100 miles for a charity. He is a marathon runner, so running long distances isn’t new for him, but 100 miles seems borderline insane! I can barely make it to the end of my street when I attempt to go on a run, so I cannot even wrap my head around running 100 miles. The cherry on top is that he’s doing it for a charity that is close to his heart. You just love to see it.

Our other two stories are about a nonprofit that provides jobs for people who are blind and visually impaired, and a little girl whose love of hockey is helping her battle cancer. It’s a really inspiring story that you may or may not need a tissue for.

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