Now that the pandemic is ‘over,’ we want to know how it changed your life

We want to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly

Tell us how the COVID-19 pandemic changed your life! (Pexels.)

The World Health organization declared earlier this month that the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer an emergency, putting a three-year end to the virus that killed at least 7 million people and turned the world upside down.

One day, we were all living life like it was normal, and then next we were stuck inside our homes and social distancing from our loved ones. It was scary, anxiety-fueled and frankly unprecedented.

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People lost their jobs, their businesses and even loved ones. That first year sometimes felt like a never ending nightmare for some, myself included.

However, it also changed some people’s lives in an unexpected way, that may have never happened if the pandemic had happened.

Perhaps you started a new business, or made a career change you always wanted to? Maybe you decided to move back home and you stayed? Or you moved away from home to a city you’ve always wanted to live in? There are so many people that took the opportunity and ran with it.

However your life changed due to the pandemic, we want to hear about it, and maybe even interview you for a future story.

Life can have so many different ups and downs, and we want other people to be inspired by how you changed your life during an extremely dark and difficult time.

Just fill out the form below, leave us with your email and we may be reaching out to chat with you!

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