Did you know you can ride a submarine in the Great Lakes?

What an adventure!

The Mackinac Bridge. (Pexels.)

If you’ve turned on the news in the last few days, you probably already know about the Titan submersible, a submarine of sorts that has been missing since Sunday after a voyage to the wreckage sight of the Titanic.

The guests on board paid $250,000 to take the voyage to the site of the Titanic, which is about 12,000 feet below sea level in the North Atlantic Ocean. If you look at a map, the wreckage site is off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

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Five people are inside the missing submersible, and search efforts have been going on for days. Crews are hoping to find the vessel before the passengers on board lose oxygen. It’s a bleak situation, but one that has people invested and interested in submarines.

Personally, you could not pay me $250,000 to take a submarine ride to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, but I have a new found interest in the ocean and submarines. I had no idea people took submarine rides just for fun, and I also had no idea you could take one in one of the Great Lakes.

Cruise Line Viking Cruises has a trip across the Great Lakes region of Onatario, Wisconsin and Michigan. It’s called the Great Lakes explorer, and it’s an eight-day trip traveling the wonders of the Great Lakes.

Obviously, the cruise ship isn’t about to go underwater, but it does offer an opportunity for guests to hop on board a six seater submarine that will take them to the bottom of Lake Huron.

A writer who took a cruise on the Viking Octantis wrote about her experience taking a ride on the submarine in Lake Huron, and it honestly sounds like so much fun.

Unlike the missing Titan, there is plenty of room for you to stretch out and feel comfortable, and there are glass domes so you can take in all the sights of the lake. The Titan allegedly has one tiny window for its guests to see the Titanic wreckage.

You only travel about 50 feet below the lake’s surface, so there isn’t a huge threat of the pressure of the lake crushing you, which is a theory currently being shared about the missing Titan -- 50 feet compared to 12,000 feet is a huge difference.

Taking a ride on the submarine in the Great Lakes will obviously cost a cruise passenger a little bit more money, but what a cool experience?

If you’re itching to take a safe submarine ride like me, you can find more info by clicking here.

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