Tasty Tuesday: Salem Ice Cream Parlor celebrates nearly three decades of sweet treats, success

The McNamara’s are thrilled to keep the tradition of sweet treats going in Salem

SALEM, Va. – “What is there not to like about ice cream?”

We asked about your favorite ice cream spots, and you answered with a lot of good choices.

One such place stuck out, because we had never visited before! We’re taking you to the Salem Ice Cream Parlor.

“My family has been in the ice cream business for 28 years.”

It’s hard to have a bad day at work when you’re surrounded by sweet treats. Joe McNamara and his family have done that for 28 years at the Salem Ice Cream Parlor.

“Everyday is a new adventure. We’re truly in the business of creating smiles. When you get here, we’re going to have a lot of really fantastic cold ice creams and have a lot of fun while you’re here.”

Whether you’re a traditional vanilla-in-a-cone person or a more adventurous ice cream connoisseur, this is your place to be.

“We can have a brownie sundae, a banana split or a milkshake” along with fun flavors like praline pecan and strawberry cheesecake.

They’re also serving hearty lunches!

“What many people don’t realize is we actually have a full deli at the Salem Ice Cream Parlor. A lot of people come and get lunch. We have fantastic soups all-year round, sandwiches.”

The family hopes this can be an escape for you - for something wholesome in your day - because you’re never too old to be a kid.

“Bring out the child that’s in you, and enjoy a trip to the ice cream store. It’s been a wonderful family adventure for us, and I look forward to doing it for another 28 years.”

As the weather stays hot, we’re looking for more unique ice cream shops.

Suggest them below by commenting!

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