Frozen in Time brings classic ice cream, unique freeze-dried candy, retro vibe to Wytheville

Frozen in Time has a variety of perfect treats to cool you down for the rest of the summer

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Sharon Gallimore and her daughter are both born and raised in Wytheville.

“This town is really a great town.”

It’s a town that - in recent years - has welcomed so many different eateries. An ice cream shop was missing until Gallimore opened Frozen in Time during the 4th of July weekend. The name is a clever play on words for both the ice cream and the vibes.

“The brightness and the retro effect. It does bring them back in time to ice cream shops.”

The smell of homemade waffle cones makes it outside, drawing you in for unique flavors of ice cream.

“Rush Hour, Cake Batter, the Sea Turtle.”

The Sea Turtle quickly became a personal favorite - a sweet, vanilla ice cream with caramel and little chocolate turtles filled with more caramel.

“Of course the kids love the bright colors, so the Superman and the Cotton Candy.”

Speaking of candy, did you know you could freeze dry it?

They have everything from Nerds to Skittles and even freeze-dried ice cream.

“The vanilla and the blue ones – we just scooped it and freeze dried it. The ice creams are 24 hours, and some of the candies are 5 to 8 hours.”

It’s a one-of-a-kind thing you’ll only find here.

“To me, I describe it as like a Cheetos or something like a dry, crunchy effect.”

Gallimore says to check out their social media for the newness and changes coming in the fall, as they’re just getting started.

The shop currently has an Apple Crisp flavor. More fall flavors will be coming, and they’ll begin making sandwiches soon too.

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