Memories that last a lifetime: All you need to know about daddy-daughter dances

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VIRGINIA – Every girl remembers going on their first date, but do you remember your first date with your father? The popular American tradition of daddy-daughter dances are an opportunity for young girls to get all dressed up, taken out and treated like a princess by their fathers.

Fathers live for the opportunity to spoil their little girls and show them how they should be treated. This father-daughter event creates memories that last a lifetime--for dad and daughter!

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Daddy-daughter dances are typically hosted in the month of February, either before or after Valentine’s Day, held for girls aged to 2-17 years old, to celebrate and highlight the relationship between fathers and daughters.

Although this event is intended for daughters and their fathers, it is not limited to fathers only. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers and any other father or male-figure is invited to bring their specials girls out for celebration.

The father-daughter dance originated from the concept of a “purity ball”, which were popularized in 1998 by Randy and Lisa Wilson, a Christian family from Colorado. Purity balls became very common in the conservative Christian community. The father-daughter dances also have elements originating from debutante balls, as a way for a father to introduce and present his daughter to the world, and a tribute to those that chose fatherhood.

There are many benefits to attending a father-daughter event, helping to build and solidify the bond between father and daughter, and creating life-long memories and traditions. Many see this event as a way for a parental love to be put on display and an excuse to spoil their daughters. Daddy-daughter dates with my father were some of my favorite memories growing up--being taken out and spoiled made me feel so special and loved, and definitely strengthened the bond I have with my father today.

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