Sonic is giving away special eclipse glasses if you buy their new slush float

It’s out of this world!

The Blackout Slush Float is perfect for watching the eclipse. (Business Wire.)

Did you know we’re about to have a total solar eclipse soon?

On April 8, the sun will be totally blocked by the moon, causing a phenomenon that only comes around every so often. It’s a pretty big deal, and many Americans will be in the path of totality, meaning they will get to see the entire total eclipse.

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Since you’d normally never just stare right into the sun, it’s recommended that you have some nifty eclipse glasses on so you won’t damage your eyes. You can find them pretty much all over the internet, but you can also find them at your local Sonic.

Sonic is celebrating the total lunar eclipse by releasing a special edition drink called the Blackout Slush Float, and if you purchase it, you also get a pair of special eclipse glasses.

The drink is cotton candy and dragon fruit flavored, which creates a nearly black icy slush. If you have a sweet tooth, this drink is perfect for you. It’s topped with a creamy white soft serve, as well as blue and purple galaxy-themed sprinkles. How fun is that!?

It actually looks really, good, and I love the idea of an icy drink mixed with soft serve ice cream. Will I be getting one soon? Absolutely!

Each purchase of the Blackout Slush Float will get you one pair of the special eclipse glasses, while supplies last. With these special glasses, you will be able to look directly at the total solar eclipse without damaging your eyes. We all want to see the eclipse, but we also want to keep our eyes safe!

The fun drinks will be available starting March 25, so make sure you get one! And don’t miss out on the eclipse April 8. It could be a couple decades before another one happens in America.

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